To get started all you need is to download the app, add your own personal mobile number for the Username, add a password you will remember and follow the brief instructions in our App.

To download our App, simply open our website on your smartphone and click on the App Store or Google Play button to download our App for Free.

App buttons










After installing our App, please say “OK” to push notifications, to allow you to receive notification and messages from the watch.  Swipe the screen left to go to the 2nd screen and press the “Start” button to enter the App.

Account set up








Press “Create New Account” button and enter your information when prompted. Your username should be your own mobile phone number including the international code +44 or +353 for example.

Account set up 2








If you have an account already set up, manually enter your own mobile phone number (not the watch phone number), enter your password and click “sign in” to login.


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