The administrator (the first person to add the watch to their App account) can control permission to add the watch.

This setting allows the administrator to permit or block anyone else from adding the watch to their account. For security we would advise keeping this in the off position and only turn it on while permitting someone to add the watch. Turn it off once they have successfully added the watch to their account

This can be set in your app under Contacts.

On the bottom right of the screen, slide the yellow button “Permit to add” to the left, the button will turn grey and display “Block adding” to permit or block the watch being added to another account.

When allowing another person to add the watch to their App, you will receive an approval request to allow them to add the watch. Once you confirm this approval request, they will need to logout of their App account and log in for the watch to appear in their account.

The Backup Administrator can add contact numbers to the watch but cannot delete contact numbers, only the Administrator can delete contact numbers.