A Geo-Zone is an area with a virtual boundary or fence set by you. For example you can set up a Geo-zone around your house, school or park and receive an alert if the watch leaves the zone. Zones can also be set that you get an alert if the watch enters the zone, exits a zone and Enters or exits a zone.

  • To set a Geo-Zone, press the Geo-Zone icon.
  • Press the Plus symbol to add a new Geo-Zone.
  • Tap on the screen to move the location of the zone you wish to set. If the location is off the screen, move the screen to the location you wish to set the zone and tap on the screen once to move the zone area to your map location.
  • Set the diameter using the slider.
  • Tap on Settings to set your Geo-Zone name and tap the Alert Policy to receive an alert if the watch exits a zone, enters a zone or both enters or exits a zone.
  • Tap complete to save your new Geo-Zone

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